Enterprise culture

Corporate values Corporate values
The quality of gold and the service of gold grow together and become rich together.
Golden quality,golden service,grow up together,get richer together

Company vision Enterprise vision
Global stainless steel special steel solution provider
Global stainless steel and special steel solution provider

Corporate Mission Enterprise mission
Use our work to improve our life and create a better society.
We can improve the quality of our life according to our works, moreover, we can also create a better society.

Lean Management Lean management
standardization process institutionalization informatization performance
Standardization,procession,institutionalization, informatization,performance

Product Positioning Product orientation
Specialized, special, new, small batch, multi-variety, high-demand lean customization
Product orientation:Specialized sophisticated distinctive new,small amount,multispecies,high expectations,refine,customization

Spirit of Enterprise Enterprise
Inheritance, innovation, dedication and struggle
Inheritance Innovation Dedication Struggle